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Armed forces occupations include all jobs held by members of the armed forces. Members of the armed forces are those personnel who are currently serving in the armed forces, including auxiliary services, whether on a voluntary or compulsory basis, and who are not free to accept civilian employment and are subject to military discipline. Included are regular members of the army, navy, air force and other military services, as well as conscripts enrolled for military training or other service for a specified period.
Occupations in this major group are classified into the following sub-major groups:
01 Commissioned Armed Forces Officers
02 Non-commissioned Armed Forces Officers
03 Armed Forces Occupations, Other Ranks
Excluded from this group are:
- jobs held by persons in civilian employment of government establishments concerned with defence issues;
- police (other than military police);
- customs inspectors and members of border or other armed civilian services.
Many jobs performed by members of the armed forces are similar, in terms of the nature of the work performed, to civilian occupations such as medical doctors, radio operators, cooks, secretaries and heavy truck drivers. Conceptually, it may be appropriate, therefore, to classify such jobs in the armed forces with similar civilian jobs. This approach is adopted in several national occupation classifications. Typically such classifications also identify a number of military-specific occupational groups. In many countries, however, it is not possible to produce information about the nature of the work performed by members of the armed forces. In adapting ISCO-08 for national purposes countries may wish, therefore, to consider what approach best suits their circumstances and user needs. For purposes of international comparability, however, where data pertaining to members of the armed forces are reported and classified by occupation, they should be included, where possible, in ISCO-08 Major Group 0: Armed Forces Occupations.

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