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Civil engineers conduct research, advise on, design, and direct construction; manage the operation and maintenance of civil engineering structures; or study and advise on technological aspects of particular materials.
Tasks include -
(a) conducting research and developing new or improved theories and methods related to civil engineering;
(b) advising on and designing structures such as bridges, dams, docks, roads, airports, railways, canals, pipelines, waste-disposal and flood-control systems, and industrial and other large buildings;
(c) determining and specifying construction methods, materials and quality standards, and directing construction work;
(d) establishing control systems to ensure efficient functioning of structures as well as safety and environmental protection;
(e) organizing and directing maintenance and repair of existing civil engineering structures;
(f) analysing the behaviour of soil and rock when placed under pressure by proposed structures and designing structural foundations;
(g) analysing the stability of structures and testing the behaviour and durability of materials used in their construction.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Civil engineer
- Geotechnical engineer
- Structural engineer
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Civil engineering project manager - 1323
- Geoscientist - 2114
- Metallurgist - 2146
- Mining engineer - 2146
- Town and traffic planners - 2164

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