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Supervisores de mantenimiento y limpieza en oficinas, hoteles y otros establecimientos





Cleaning and housekeeping supervisors in offices, hotels and other establishments organize, supervise and carry out housekeeping functions in order to keep clean and tidy the interiors, fixtures and facilities in these establishments.
Tasks include -
(a) engaging, training, discharging, organizing and supervising helpers, cleaners and other housekeeping staff;
(b) purchasing or controlling the purchase of supplies;
(c) controlling storage and issue of supplies;
(d) supervising general welfare and conduct of individuals in institutions;
(e) sweeping or vacuum-cleaning, washing and polishing floors, furniture and other fixtures;
(f) making beds, cleaning bathrooms, supplying towels, soap and related items;
(g) cleaning kitchens and generally helping with kitchen work, including dishwashing;
(h) restocking mini-bars and replenishing items such as drinking glasses and writing equipment.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Housekeeper (hotel)
- Matron (housekeeping)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Hotel manager - 1411
- Bed and breakfast operator - 5152
- Domestic housekeeper - 5152
- Building caretaker - 5153
- Domestic cleaner - 9111

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