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Handicraft workers combine artistic and manual skills to design, make, repair, adjust, maintain and decorate precision instruments, musical instruments, jewellery and other precious metals, pottery and porcelain ware. They apply traditional and/or recently developed techniques to carve, mould, assemble, weave and decorate various glass, ceramics, textile, straw, stone, wood and leather articles.
Tasks performed usually include: making, calibrating, repairing, maintaining and installing musical and precision instruments; fabricating, adjusting, repairing or appraising jewellery, ceremonial or religious items, gold, silver, other precious metals or gems; cutting, filing, polishing and setting precious and semi-precious stones including gems and diamonds, and engraving designs on jewellery and precious metal articles; preparing pottery, porcelain ware, sanitary ware, bricks, tiles and abrasive wheels by hand or by machine; blowing, moulding, pressing, cutting, trimming, grinding and polishing glass, or shaping molten glass according to patterns; decorating articles made of wood, metal, textiles, glass, ceramics and other materials, and planning, laying out and painting letters, figures, monograms and designs to make signs; applying traditional techniques such as seasoning or impregnation to prepare wood, straw, rattan, reed, stone, clay, shells and other materials, and carving, moulding, assembling, weaving, or painting and decorating various articles for personal or household use or for decorative purposes; preparing materials to make wicker furniture, brushes and brooms, and weaving various kinds of baskets; applying traditional techniques and patterns to produce woven fabrics, knitted, embroidered and other garments and household articles.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
7311 Precision-instrument Makers and Repairers
7312 Musical Instrument Makers and Tuners
7313 Jewellery and Precious metal Workers
7314 Potters and Related Workers
7315 Glass Makers, Cutters, Grinders and Finishers
7316 Signwriters, Decorative Painters, Engravers and Etchers
7317 Handicraft Workers in Wood, Basketry and Related Materials
7318 Handicraft Workers in Textile, Leather and Related Materials
7319 Handicraft Workers Not Elsewhere Classified

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