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Conducteurs de matériels et engins mobiles





Mobile plant operators drive, tend, operate and monitor special-purpose motorized machinery or equipment used for clearing or preparing land; digging, moving, and spreading earth, rock and similar materials; and lifting or moving heavy objects.
Tasks performed usually include: preparing and positioning plant for operation; adjusting speed, height and depth of implements; driving and operating mobile plant; operating attachments to lift, swing and release trees, logs, earth and other heavy objects or materials; operating and monitoring lifting trucks and stationary or mobile cranes in construction, transportation and storage operations; servicing machinery and performing minor repairs.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
8341 Mobile Farm and Forestry Plant Operators
8342 Earthmoving and Related Plant Operators
8343 Crane, Hoist and Related Plant Operators
8344 Lifting Truck Operators

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