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ESCO can be used by developers as a building block for different types of applications that provide services such as autocomplete, suggestion systems, job search algorithms and job matching algorithms. The ESCO classification is composed of modules that contain elements such as occupations, knowledge, skills and competences, qualifications, and the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) hierarchy. When combined and interrelated, these modules make up the whole classification. Here you can select your modules and can prepare your custom package of datasets of the ESCO classification to download.

Make sure that you have selected all the filters available on this page (version, content, language and file type).


Note: To download the files that contain the relationships between ESCO concepts (ex. occupations and skills), you must select the blank option when choosing the language, as these files are language independent. 

Version of the API to download
Type of content to download
Language of the content to download.
File type to download

If needed, consult the ESCO user manual, which describes the steps to take in order to start using the classification.