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ESCO can be downloaded free of charge in all 28 ESCO languagesTo enhance user experience, ESCO offers a user-friendly approach for downloading its comprehensive classification. Customize your download package by applying specific filters and access ESCO in all available versions and in various formats: SKOS-RDF (ttl), ODS, and CSV. There is an option as well to download multiple package sets simultaneously.


After selecting your download package(s), you will be redirected to the privacy statement page. Carefully read through and accept the specific privacy statement and provide your email address at this stage to receive a link for downloading the chosen dataset. Note that other than accepting the privacy statement, there are no additional requirements when downloading ESCO. Further details on the download process and an explanation of the content within these data packages are provided below.


In case of any technical help needed, please use the ESCO contact form.

Version of the API to download
Type of content to download
Language of the content to download.
File type to download

More information on ESCO download packages: