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Apkopēji un palīgi mājas darbos





Cleaners and helpers perform various tasks in private households, hotels, offices, hospitals and other establishments, as well as in aircraft, trains, coaches, trams and similar vehicles, in order to keep the interiors and fixtures clean, and launder and press garments and textiles by hand. Most occupations in this sub-major group require skills at the first ISCO skill level.
Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: sweeping or vacuum cleaning; washing and polishing floors, furniture and other objects; taking care of linen and bedmaking; helping with preparation of meals and cleaning in kitchens; washing and cleaning cars and windows; pressing or laundering garments and textiles by hand.
Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor groups:
911 Domestic, Hotel and Office Cleaners and Helpers
912 Vehicle, Window, Laundry and Other Hand Cleaning Workers

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