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Well drillers and borers and related workers position, assemble and operate drilling machinery and related equipment to sink wells, extract rock samples, liquids and gases, or for a variety of other purposes.
Tasks include -
(a) dismantling, moving and assembling drilling rigs and auxiliary equipment;
(b) assembling and dismantling pipes, casings and drill heads, and replacing dysfunctional equipment;
(c) operating controls to lower and raise drill pipes and casings in and out of wells, regulate pressure in the well and control the speed of tools;
(d) preparing drilling fluid and checking the operation of pumps to ensure adequate circulation of fluid in drill pipes and wells;
(e) monitoring gauges and other indicators, listening to equipment to detect malfunctions and unusual well conditions, and determining the need to change drilling or equipment;
(f) maintaining, adjusting, repairing and cleaning drilling rigs, hoisting and other machinery;
(g) maintaining records of drilling and servicing operations;
(h) operating machines and tools to extract dust, cuttings and lost and broken drilling equipment from holes and wells;
(i) closing and sealing wells no longer in use;
(j) supervising and train crew members.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Bore sinker
- Boring equipment operator
- Derrickman
- Derrick operator
- Developmental driller
- Directional driller
- Driller (oil or gas well)
- Drilling plant operator
- Drilling rig operator
- Power-tong operator
- Toolpusher
- Tourpusher
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Blaster - 7542
- Miner - 8111
- Quarrier - 8111

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