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Job search

Job search is the process of finding a small selection out of a large number of job vacancies that are well suited for a specific candidate by using search queries.

A large number of job vacancies is available online. They are published inter alia on the websites of employers, on job boards, in social media and on the websites of employment services. Large job portals, such as the EURES Job Mobility Portal contain hundreds of thousands of job vacancies.

A jobseeker needs to narrow this large number of jobs down to a short-list that meets his profile or criteria. Different from competence-based job matching it is the user that provides criteria or search terms in order to find the interesting jobs, and not the digital tool that does an automatic comparison with a CV or the skills profile of a user.

ESCO can be used to support job search in various ways:

  • It provides a standardised terminology of concepts that can be used in the search, such as occupationsknowledgeskills and competences;
  • It enables multilingual search, as terms for each concept exist in all ESCO languages;
  • It makes search more intelligent, by providing synonyms and relationships between concepts;
  • It can be used to identify related concepts and suggest them to the end user as new search terms or filter.