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Wood processing and papermaking plant operators





Wood processing and papermaking plant operators monitor, operate and control machinery to saw wood, cut veneer, make plywood, produce pulp and paper and to otherwise prepare wood, pulp and paper for further use.
Tasks performed usually include: examining logs and rough lumber to determine size, condition, quality and other characteristics to decide best lumber cuts to carry out, or operating automated equipment to convey logs through laser scanners which determine the most productive and profitable cutting patterns; sorting, stacking and placing logs and wood billets onto conveyors and lathes from trucks for processing into chips, veneers and pulp; operating and monitoring screening equipment, bleaching equipment, digesters, mixing tanks, washers and other pulp processing machinery and equipment to carry out one or more cellulose processing steps; operating and monitoring papermaking and finishing process machinery and equipment to dry, calender, laminate, coat, slit, trim, wind or carry out other papermaking and finishing process steps; observing equipment and machinery panel indicators, gauges, level indicators and other equipment instruments to detect machinery and equipment malfunctions and ensure process steps are carried out according to specifications; operating and monitoring plywood core-laying machines and hot-plate plywood presses and machines which cut veneer; transporting processed wood products to work areas.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
8171 Pulp and Papermaking Plant Operators
8172 Wood Processing Plant Operators

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