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Maniġers ta’ servizzi professjonali li mhumiex ikklassifikati x’imkien ieħor





This unit group covers managers who plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate the provision of specialized professional and technical services and are not classified in Minor Group 121: Business Services and Administration Managers, or elsewhere in Minor Group 134: Professional Services Managers. For instance, managers responsible for the provision of policing, correctional, library, legal and fire services are classified here.
In such cases tasks would include -
(a) providing overall direction and management for a service, facility, organization or centre;
(b) developing, implementing and monitoring procedures, policies and standards for staff;
(c) directing, supervising and evaluating the work activities of professional, technical, clerical, service, maintenance and other personnel;
(d) monitoring and evaluating resources devoted to the provision of services;
(e) controlling administrative operations such as budget planning, report preparation, and expenditure on supplies, equipment and services;
(f) planning, directing and coordinating the provision of services;
(g) coordinating cooperation with other service provision agencies in the same or related fields;
(h) managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources;
(i) overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Archives manager
- Art gallery manager
- Correctional services manager
- Legal service manager
- Library manager
- Museum manager
- Police superintendent
- Prison governor
Professional services managers are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the provision of specialized professional and technical services. Specialized qualifications and extensive experience relevant to one or more occupations classified in Major Group 2: Professionals, or Major Group 3: Technicians and Associate Professionals, are usually required.

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