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Health associate professionals





Health associate professionals perform technical and practical tasks to support diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease, injuries and impairments in humans and animals, and to support implementation of health care, treatment and referral plans usually established by medical, veterinary, nursing and other health professionals. Competent performance in most occupations in this sub-major group requires skills at the third ISCO skill level.
Tasks performed by workers in the sub-major group usually include: testing and operating medical imaging equipment and administering radiation therapy; performing clinical tests on specimens of bodily fluids and tissues; preparing medications and other pharmaceutical compounds under the guidance of pharmacists; designing, fitting, servicing and repairing medical and dental devices and appliances; providing nursing and personal care and midwifery support services; using herbal and other therapies based on theories, beliefs and experiences originating in specific cultures.
Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor groups:
321 Medical and Pharmaceutical Technicians
322 Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professionals
323 Traditional and Complementary Medicine Associate Professionals
324 Veterinary Technicians and Assistants
325 Other Health Associate Professionals

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